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View From The Top

African Queens Outdoors is showing an inclusive and inspiring snapshot of the hiking scene on the continent.

Strong queens are taking space, from home to the
corporate world,
and now outdoors.

‒ Mbali Mvuyana

South Africa is defined by its abundant natural beauty that’s available to anyone who has the urge to go out and meet it. But the travel and outdoor adventure industry often doesn’t show an inclusive image of who is enjoying these spaces. Joining online and real-world movements such as #BlackGirlsHikeToo, African Queens Outdoors is an Instagram page that shows African women scaling mountain peaks and traversing rivers, and the views are spectacular.

In one post, Yvonne Palm holds a Ghanaian flag up at the top of Gokyo Ri in the Himalayas, posted with the hashtag #GhanaWomenHike. In another, travel blogger Mbali Mvuyana surveys the vista from the rocky ledge of the Tugela waterfalls in the Drakensberg mountains. Her blog MB on the Road shares guides to the best Drakensberg hikes among other local getaways.

“Apart from showcasing beautiful African landscapes, African Queens Outdoors does an excellent job of curating content which depicts an alternative narrative for Black women,” Mbali says. “Strong queens are taking space, from home to the corporate world, and now outdoors.”

The positive images encourage other women to take on trails while doing an invaluable job for tourism at the same time.

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Mbali Mvuyana in the Drakensberg

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